I N T E L L I G E N T   E N V I R O N M E N T S
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E M O J I   P A S S C O D E
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Company Overview Video
S T   J A M E S ' S   P L A C E
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I N T E L L E C T U A L   P R O P E R T Y   O F F I C E
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I O T   B A N K
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F O T H E R I N G H A M   S T Y L I N G
Company Overview Video with Case Study

Inquisitive Pictures are professional and very much the perfectionist. Ideal for anyone with a vision, they take the time to understand a client's needs and have an amazing eye and ability to turn an idea into reality. Working with the company is a great experience, the team take the time to understand who I am, what I want to achieve and this ultimately gets maximum results when filming. Inquisitive Pictures are very unique, their creativity and attention to detail is astounding and they value all their clients highly. They produce high directorial quality and produce professional quality products.

Candice Fotheringham - CEO at Fotheringham Styling




Fotheringham Styling had a high percentage of returning customers because of their unique approach and high professionalism but was struggling to get through to new clients who were unsure about calling.


In the Inquisitive Video, clients get to know Candice Fotheringham and are introduced to her unique way of working. Client Dave talks about his positive experiences and how Candice could help sort his problem.


Because people were getting a better feel for what to expect, the video hugely boosts Fotheringham Styling's sales and builds a bridge to new clients, whilst old clients keep returning.