We make every showreel unique and personal to the actor, so that it can help you achieve what you want to do next.


Professional showreel advice

Original screenwriting (extra)

Filming (up to 2 scenes and 1 monologue)

Direction from award-winning filmmakers

Editing, with personalised intro/outro

Colour grading

File delivery to your email






Importing existing footage

Editing, with personalised intro/outro

Colour grading

Sound fixes, if necessary

File delivery to your email




Adding to an existing showreel or

updating your Inquisitive showreel with new details or footage.


FROM £595




FROM £150









"What is brilliant is they took care of everything from finding the location to having an original script written to matching me with another actor, directing me and crafting a first class result. All I had to do was turn up and act. Since posting my reel on Spotlight I was able to get representation and a number of unsolicited approaches from casting directors, one of which lead to a small role in Tomb Raider working opposite Alicia Vikander. I don't think that would have happened without the showreel from Inquisitive Pictures."

Shekhar Varma - Actor


"James & Linda at Inquisitive were such a joy to work with.  There are so many showreel companies on the market and choosing who to go with can be quite a minefield; Inquisitive are not the cheapest but they're worth every penny.  They are consummate professionals - thorough and supportive at all stages of the process and focused on helping you achieve the best possible results. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Sarah Wanendeya - Actor

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Linda and James.  On the day of the shoot they took control and all I needed to do was act. Even though I've never met them before, in an instance they managed to create a relaxed and safe, yet professional, atmosphere. And as an extra I got a few useful industry tips."

Timo Teern - Actor

"The quality of the writing was of a very high standard, and Linda and James are friendly and professional - they also know how to direct actors, so you have the best chance of giving a strong performance on your reel. Fantastic!"

Tom Lynam - Actor

"Working with Linda & James was a treat. They are both incredibly professional which yields amazing results in their films. I felt extremely comfortable with their direction and visions for my showreel and, as a graduating drama school student, they both gave me some invaluable advice about the industry I am entering. I highly recommend this team!"

Seb Yates Cridland- Actor


"Shooting my showreel was an absolute dream! The team were incredibly professional and hardworking and the shoot day was great fun and such a memorable day - I felt they put everything they had into my showreel and I am so happy with the final product, the whole experience went above and beyond my expectations! I would definitely recommend Inquisitive Pictures to anyone looking to get a high quality showreel to be proud of to show off their talents!"

Sophie Fisher - Actor


"Undoubtedly one of the best showreels I have seen among the many professional actor showreels I have viewed over the years. Brilliant production quality, editing and sequencing portray the actor in the most diverse way possible, showing flexibility for very different types of role on stage and on screen."

Lindsey Lawson - Accent Coach





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We work in film, TV and streaming content production, actor showreel production and commercials.

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